Terms of service
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Chapter 1: General Rules

  1. Article 1 (Purpose) The purpose of this contractual terms and condition is to stipulates the rights and duties of the company and its employees and the responsibility and other necessary matters regarding the process and terms of use of provided by battlefield (hereinafter referred to as ‘company) service (hereinafter referred to as ‘service’)

  2. Article 2 (Specification of terms and conditions, explanation and revision) 1. The contents of this terms and condition shall be posted on the site related to the company’s sign up service website or otherwise notified it to the users, and this terms and condition agreement will be effective when the users agree to this while signing up as a member. 2. The company may revise these terms and condition to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws such as “regulations of the terms of use”, “the law regarding the use of information and communication network and information protection”. 3. If the company revise this terms and conditions, the application date and the cause for the revision shall be specified and shall be notified as an announcement to the customers on the initial screen or pop-up screen in company’s website 7 days prior to the application date together with the current terms and conditions. 4. If the company notify the members about the revision of terms and conditions according to the preceding paragraph and the members does not give his/her concerns within 7 days, despite the clear announcement about the matters, and the members still does not clearly express their intention to refuse, it is being considered that he/she agreed to the revised terms. 5. If the member clearly declares that the member does not agree with the application of revised terms, the company can not apply the contents of revised terms and conditions, and in this case, the member can terminate the use contract. However, if there is a special condition where the existing terms and conditions are not applicable, the company can terminate the use contract.

  3. Article 3 (Outside of the terms and conditions rule) 1. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall notify the member of the notice, individual terms, individual agreement, usage guide, operation policy, detailed instructions (hereinafter collectively referred to as "detailed instructions"), If any of the detailed instructions are inconsistent with the terms of this Agreement, the "detailed instructions" shall prevail. 2. Matters or interpretations not specified in this terms and conditions shall in accordance to the “detailed guidelines” and related laws or practices.

  4. Article 4 (Definition of Terms) 1. The following are the definition of terms that is used in this terms and conditions. 1-1. Members: this refers to the person who has signed the service agreement with the company by signing up and agreed with this terms and conditions. 1-2. ID: this refers to the email address that registered by the members for the member’s identification process and use of the service. 1-3. Password: this refers to the combination of letters and numbers approved by the company to check the identity of the members and protect their information.

Chapter 2 Application for use of service and agreement (membership and withdrawal)

Article 5 (Establishment of use contract) 1. The users sign up by filling the registration form provided by the company and after filling in the form the users expressing their consent to this terms and conditions. 2. Membership is when the company’s agreement reaches to the members. 3. Use contract is signed by member ID. If use contract is established, use applicant will be registered as a member. 4. A member who has registered falsely using personal information such as the name and phone number of another person without their real name will not receive legal protection, and following this, they shall be responsible for all civil and criminal duties. 5. Members under the age of 19 are restricts from using the service related to the cryptocurrency transactions provided by the company. 6. Service access may be limited if the user is a national people, citizen, permanent resident, residents of a country or region designated by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) as countries to prevent money laundering and the members must ensure each of the following sub articles. 6-1. He/she are not the people, citizen, permanent resident, residents of the designated country 6-2. He/she will not use the service while staying in the designated country 7. In case of the application under Paragraph 1, the Company may request the verification of the real name and authentication of the person through the specialized agency according to the type of the user according to related laws and regulations when it is necessary. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantages that may arise from the failure to confirm the identity of the user or refuse to provide such a request.

Article 6 (Use of Application) 1. You can apply online by registering the required information on the company's prescribed application form. 2. All the information on the online application form is considered to be actual data. Users who do not enter real names or actual information are not legally protected and may be restricted from using the service. 3. The Company may suspend the use of the Service or terminate the Permanent Suspension and Use Agreement if the facts are false or other information is found or later found to be such information. Any damages incurred by the Company or any third party are the sole responsibility of the member.

Article 7 (Consent to use member’s information and approval of use application

1. Consent to use member’s information 1-1. The company uses the personal information of the member for providing services and fulfilling the use of this contract 1-2. The member’s information can be disclosed to the company and affiliated partner so, the members can use the services of the company and services of the partner affiliated with the company conveniently. However, the company shall give prior notice and get the member’s consent. 1-3. The members can view and modify the personal information any time through edit member’s information menu. 1-4. By registering the member information in the application for use and applying for the use of the company in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the user consents that the company collects, uses and provides the member information described in the application for use pursuant to this Agreement. 2. Approval of use of application 2-1. The company shall accurately describe all the required matters that the member requires in the company’s prescribed application form. However, in case of number 2 and 3, the company may postpone or refuse the consent. 2-2. The company can postpone the consent for the use of applicant related to the sub articles on the following below. A. If there is no space/ cannot afford the/ for the facility B. If there is technical difficulties C. If it is difficult to using approval or the other company 2-3. The company may not approve the use of application related to the each of the following items. A. If the name is not the real name B. If you use another people’s name and registered it C. If you are filling out the necessary information as false, when applying to use it and registered it D. If you applied to disturb the peace and order of the society or offense the public morals E. When there are insufficient parts with the application requirements set by the company

Article 8 (Suspension and Termination of the use contract)

1. The use contract is finished due to termination by the company or member. 1-1. When a member intends to terminate the use contract, he/she must transfer all his/her assets (cryptocurrency) to the outside and apply for the termination to the company. 1-2. The company may limit the use of best after service and set reasonable period or terminate the use contract if the member falls under the following reasons. - If you have stolen someone’ service ID and password - If you intentionally interfere with the service operation - If the signed-up name is not the real name - If the member uses the service for hindering social public interest - If there is an act that damage other people’s honor or an act that giving disadvantages - If you are sending a large amount of information or sending advertising information to disrupt the stability of the service operation - If you are spreading computer virus program that cause malfunction of the information communication facilities or destruction of the information - If there is a fraudulent use of other’ people’s name, user ID and passwordIf you copy or distribute the information obtained from the company’s service information without prior consent of the company or use it for commercially - If there is a same user double-registered with different ID - If there is violation to the intellectual and property rights of the company, another member or third parties - If there is a correction request from an external organization such as Korea Communications Standards Commission or received the authorities of the national election commissions related with the illegal campaigning - If user’s personal information is collected, stored or published without any consent - If it is objectively determined that the members of the service are associated with a crime - If you trade cryptocurrency on behalf of other persons in purpose of earning commission or other benefits - If the member’s activity or action is violating other relevant laws 2. Suspension or Limitation of the service 2-1. If the company doing the restriction of use, the company shall explain the reason, determine the date and period and shall notify the related members or representatives in written (including email) or using telephone or homepage message features. 2-2. However, if the company acknowledge that there is an emergency that makes the service need to be suspend, the company can do the use of service limitation without the need to see the prior articles. 2-3. The member or their representatives that receive the notification of the service being stopped, and if there is an objection about that, they can file an objection. 2-4. In case the reasons of discontinue service has been resolved and has been confirmed during the period of discontinue service, the discontinue service will be removed immediately. 3. Termination of use contract 3-1. If the same action is repeated more than once after the Company has suspended or restricted use of the service, or if the reason for such failure is not corrected within 30 days, the Company may terminate the use agreement. 3-2. If the company terminate the use contract, the members registration will be erased. In this case, the company shall notify this to the members and will be given the opportunity to explain about it before the members registration is erase.

Article 9 (Change members information)

1. The members can view and edit their own personal information anytime by using the personal information edit menu. However, the necessary item for the service management such as name, ID, etc. is impossible to be changed. 2. If the members have changed the entered matters when signing up, they shall inform the changed matters either by sending email to the company or edit it on online. 3. If the members did not inform the changed matters to the company (referred to the sentence 2) the company is not responsible for any disadvantages that may occur.

Chapter 3 Members Duties

  1. Article 10 (The members duties of managing the members’ ID and password) 1. All management responsibilities about the ID and password is on the members. The responsibilities about all results that occur due to negligence of managing the ID and password given to the member and unfair use is lying on the members, and the company are not responsible for this. However, this is not the case, if the company being intentional or there are accidents. 2. If the members find out that their ID is used illegally, they must notify the company and follow the company’s instructions. 3. If the members do not notify the company about the related matters on sentence 2 or even if the members do not follow the company’s instruction, the company shall not be liable for any disadvantages.

    Article 11 (Providing Information) The company can provide the usage guide and product information about the following services by using methods such as wired/wireless phone, email, LMS/SMS and SNS. In this case, the member can refuse this at any time. 1. Service related to cryptocurrency transaction 2. Event and events related services 3. Services selected by the other company frequently and provided to the members Chapter 4 General Terms of Service

    Article 12 (Type of Service)
    1. The services provided by the company is include cryptocurrency transfer and withdrawal.
    2. The type of service provided by the company may be changed from time to time by the circumstances of the company, and the copyright and intellectual property rights of the services provided belong to the company.
    3. The company only grants the right to use the accounts, ID, service and point, etc. in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the company to the members, and the members shall not provide similar service and perform commercial activities using these services.

    Article 13 (Announcement and modification of the service contents) 1. The Company shall notify users the characteristics, procedures and methods of each service through the service screen according to the type of service, and the member must understand the service circumstances related to each service announced by the company and use the service. 2. The Company may change all or part of the individual services provided for operational and technical needs, if there are good reasons. In this case, the company will notify the user at least seven days in advance.

    Article 14 (Maintenance and suspension of services)
    1. The use of the service is conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special obstacle in the business or technology of the company. However, the day or time determined by the company in advance due to the need for periodic inspections is not the case.
    2. The company can divide the service into a certain range and set the available time for each range separately. In this case, the contents will be announced in advance.

    3. The company may suspend providing the service if any of the following cases apply. In this case, the company will notify the members of the suspension of service unless it is unavoidable.
    3-1. In case of inevitable construction due to maintenance of service equipment
    3-2. If a telecommunications carrier specified in the Telecommunication Business Act has suspended telecommunication services
    3-3. In the case of a service provided by a third party, such as an affiliate company, but not a service provided directly by the company, if a third party such as an affiliate company suspend the service
    3-4. If there is any other force majeure

    4. The Company may limit or suspend all or part of the services in case of a national emergency, power outage, failure of service facilities, or congestion of use of the service, which may interfere with the normal service use.

    Article 15 (Member’s deposit and withdrawal restriction)
    1. The Company may limit or delay the use of the Member's deposit and withdrawal, if any of the following are true:
    1-1. If it is out of the scope of the service us rights set by the company
    1-2. If there is an information provided from a national or financial institution, such as the police or the National Tax Service, that a member's account is suspected of being used in an illegal act
    2. If the above cases are applicable, the company will notify the members of the contents through methods such as website announcement.
    3. In case of duplication of use limitation and reason for delay, it can be canceled only when the administrator or the operator has release the condition required.

Chapter 5 Utilizing service related to cryptocurrency transactions

Article 16 (Limitation on transaction service) Limitation Cause
① If the member itself request it
② If the process of identification is failed
③ If there is request from the governments or bank ④ If you are involved in a crime or financial accident, such as voice phishing, or if you have reasonable suspicion about the relevance Termination conditions - Solution for limitation cause Chapter 6 Service Fees

Article 17
(Contents of service fee related to cryptocurrency transaction) The company charges a fee in exchanges for providing the services when transferred the money through the internet. The fees specified in the company’s method of use homepage, and it can be changed according to the condition of the company and the market.


  • The Company strives to protect the personal information of its members as stipulated by related laws and regulations. Members' personal information is used only for the purpose and scope agreed by the member in order to provide smooth service. The Company shall not provide any personal information of the Member to any third party, except as otherwise provided by law or otherwise agreed to by the Member, and details of such information shall be set forth in the Privacy Policy. Chapter 8 Damages and Exemptions Article 19 (Damages and exemptions of the company) 1. The Company makes no guarantee of any kind with respect to the Services, except as set forth in these Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Company does not guarantee the value of a cryptographic currency issued or guaranteed by the Company. 2. If the Company cannot provide services due to natural disasters, DDoS attacks, IDC failures, server down due to surges in service access, line failures of telecommunication carriers, or other force majeure reasons, the Company shall be exempted from the responsibilities related to the provision of services. However, this is not the case if it is due to intentional or gross negligence of the Company. 3. The Company is not responsible in the event of a failure inevitably caused by the problems of the block chain, defects or technical problems of the cryptocurrency issuance management system itself, defects of telecommunication service providers, periodic server inspection, However, this is not the case if it is due to intentional or gross negligence of the Company. 4. The company shall not be liable for any disruption or consequence of the use of the service due to the cause of the Member. However, this is not the case if there is a legitimate reason for the members. 5. The Company shall be exempted from responsibilities if there is a transaction between its members or between its members and a third party through the service. However, this is not the case if it is due to intentional or gross negligence of the Company. 6. The Company shall not be liable for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there are special regulations in the relevant laws. 7. The company can conduct periodic, irregular or urgent server inspections to provide a stable service. 8. If anyone acquires or receives a third party's password in an unauthorized way due to a service error, computer malfunction, or any other reason, The Company may take necessary measures such as recovering or restore the password after the advance notification to the parties. 9. If a member claims damages to the company, the Company may, in agreement with the Member, reimburse the Member for damages in payment method such as paid it with cryptocurrency payment method to the member’s electronic wallet. Article 20 (Competent Court and Governing Law) 1. These terms of service are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Korea, if any dispute arises between the company and the member in connection with the use of the service, such as company’s rates system, the Korean laws will be applied in here. 2. If lawsuit action is occurred between the member and the company related to the use of service, A court of competent jurisdiction shall be a court in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Act. 부칙 Attachment 1. These terms and condition will be effective from ….. ….. 2018.